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About This Course

In general business operations, sales refers to any transaction where money or value is exchanged for the ownership of a good or entitlement to a service.That data shows that it takes your prospects just 7 seconds to decide if they want to stay on the phone with you—or hang up right away. After those 7 seconds pass, they’ll continue to ask themselves if they want to get off the call. This doesn’t stop until they’re fully engaged.

Learning Objectives

Techniques for Pitches
Basics and Fundamentals

Material Includes

  • 3 Videos


  • No Prior Knowledge Required

Target Audience

  • Everyone


3 Lessons1h 8m 31s

Sales – Opening

How you can improve your opening when it comes to sales
The Perfect 5 Step Sales Prospecting Call Opening00:04:59

Sales – Basics and Fundamentals

Learn more about the basics and fundamentals of sales here

Sales -Top Techniques

Famous entrepreneurs share their views on how you need to sale on your way to success.

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